Hey New Yorkers, tired of cooking?

Try Fine Dining at Home

Experience 4-course dinners at home for reasonable prices and help amazing restaurants re-open.

Menus sent by text message weekly. Zip code used to check delivery zone. No ongoing commitment. You must be 21. We never spam.

How Taste works.

Pick from a Curated Menu

Get the menu a week before and order ahead for dinner.

Contactless White Glove Delivery

Get your Michelin Star food at a time you set.

Enjoy Fine Dining at Home

Enjoy an exquisite meal while supporting your favorite NYC restaurants.

Perfect for every occasion.

Who are the Taste partners?

We work with high-end NYC restaurants forced to close due to COVID-19. With your help, we can bring these restaurants the order volume they need to reopen.

Do you have vegetarian options?

Yes! We always carry a vegetarian option on the menu.

Do you offer alcohol too?

Of course, in fact our Chefs offer alcohol pairings which go perfectly with every meal.

Who's behind this?

We're a team of foodies in NYC who previously worked at Google and Facebook. We hate this virus and want to help as much as we can.